Frequently Asked Questions

November 12, 2021 

Does Japan Embassy accept Tourist visa application now? 
Ans. Based on the new advisory from Japan Embassy released last Nov. 8, only Commercial Visa, Applications with Certificate of Eligibility (with selected status and validity) and Visiting Relatives visa (with limitations) are being accepted for visa application. Tourist Visa and other visa types are still suspended as of now. Kindly follow our FB and Instagram accounts to know the currents updates and promos of UHI.

Can we process our Tourist visa after payment? 
Ans. Japan & Korea Tourist Visa is still not open for application and the vouchers you will purchase can be used for your future travel and valid until Dec 2023. Once the borders of Japan and Korea opens you can use the voucher/s when you start doing your online visa application through or download on Google Play at

Can I just pay when I pass my documents? 
Ans. Our promo is only available in our website or download on Google Play at and get the vouchers for a limited time only! Regular service fees will be applied to applications not paid and assessed through our mobile app or website.

I have valid Japan Multiple Entry Visa, what will happen with this? 
Ans. The Japan Embassy has not released any advisories regarding the lifting of temporary suspension of Multiple Entry Visa issued. Please check our FB and Instagram accounts for the updates.

What will happen to Japan Single or Multiple Entry Visa that was not used due to the pandemic, can it be extended? 
Ans. The Single-Entry or Multiple Entry visa issued by the Japan Embassy cannot be extended and will expire on the date stamped on the visa. If in case your visa expires during the period of temporary suspension, you need to apply for a new visa if planning to go to Japan once the border opens.

I still have voucher that I purchased from last years’ Travel Expo, can I still use it to apply for Japan Visa? 
Ans. For those who availed the Japan visa promo last Feb 2020 either in the Travel Expo in SMX Moa or in our website or mobile app, your vouchers are still valid for redemption through website and mobile app. An additional fee per Japan Tourist Visa applicant will be charged for submitted documents that are not pre-assessed thru the website or mobile app.

I'd like to inquire more about the promo, how can I reach you?
Ans. You may directly reach our Documentation experts at the following mobile numbers:
+63 917 6344950
+63 917 6342158
+63 917 8206556
or you can email us at: or message us on FB or Instagram
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